See what else can Blender do even after doing so much to 3D!

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Blender can do 3D, it has a game engine, it can do video compositing and it has the ability to paint. But Iā€™m not going to paint, Iā€™m sketching in the UV/Image Editor.

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One of the best road trip I have ever taken

Journeys are sometimes pleasure to me and it’s sometime very boring. Though I like journeys. There is no end of journeys in human life and one of the journeys among those are always remebered by them. So do I. The best journey I have ever taken was for my Grandmother’s village. It was during spring when the nature had worn herself a beautiful dress. When I started the journey I thought it would be boring because the journey was for 5 hours! But when almost two hours passed I came beside a river. The river was not so lengthy. It took almost 20 seconds to cross. After sometime I thought that I came into the most beautiful part of the nature. The width of the road was not so much. Only two big trucks can pass by at a time. The road was silent, because there were no houses. On the two sides of the road stood large trees. All the leaves were not green as usual. They were reddish in colour. Those made them look more beautiful. There were also innumerable flowers hanging on the barks which will turn into fruits on the next season. As usual we took some photographs of those. We also took ours taking the beautiful trees as the background. The road was so long as if I was going through an endless road. That made me a little boring. For our enjoyment, my friends arranged a small picnic. I supported them. There were chips, chocolates, cakes, mango pickle and some other tasty friuts. Almost one hour passed by celebrating the picnic. We didn’t even notice how we reached the station. Quickly we got down from the micro-bus and took another local micro-bus to head for the destination.
Afterwards the journey was too great and I haven’t wrote all about it here…

Behind the projects

As you know I am very fond of animating and I have tried many projects at home. I also made some models from my own creativity. I only modeled one charecter and a plane. The charecter is like an alien and the plane is designed like a bird. I have also done some little other animations too, which you can find on my youtube channel @sazid0001 or go to
For animation or modeling purpose I mainly use three softwares- blender, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Three of these softwares are cool and different in thier own UI. Each one have some advantages and disadvantages to me. Blender is an open source software which is free to download and the other two are very much costly but I don’t buy them at such a cost! Within some days I will be showing you some of my modeled pictures and as usual you will find my anims on youtube. So what’s your story behind your favourite work!

A sudden rain

The earth was a bit hard, the weather was also good till then. There were no clouds in the sky at morning…

I was at the examination hall of my school for my exam. I was so concentrated on my exam that I didn’t notice the sudden change of weather. Just for giving a rest to my hands for seconds I looked shook my hand looking outside the window. At first I was astonished that the clear and blue sky became so grayish like dust. Suddenly after sometime a stormy wind started to blow. At that time my exam was almost finished. I got frightened at the sudden blow of such wind. So I and my other friends quickly finished our exam and started to run to our houses. My house is not so far and not so near. There were no buses which would go to my destination. So I quickly made up mind just to run the whole way home. But it was too late. The rain started. I thought that there would be a terrible storm. But nothing like that happened except the wind and the electric strikes of the clouds. After sometime the roads were blank where there used to walk hundreds of peoples. The rain came to such an environment that I was delighted at the nature’s beauty. All the trees were washed by the nature itself as if the they have got a new life. The old dusty trees looked like a tree from paradise. The sky also suddenly became clear. It was blue again. Again the white pellows could be seen floating in the sky. I was the only boy standing on the road alone. The birds came put from their safe houses and started to sing in the beautiful red dressed tree. It was like the nature had weared a beautiful dress itself. I passed half an hour watching these and suddenly came back to home. I didn’t notice how I walked to my home.
Afterall it was one of the most best days of my life to remember.

One of the most interesting games I have ever played!

Games are not only games to me, but they are also an important part of my life. I get fun in playing games. There are so many games I have played but I haven’t played any simple but interesting game like Super Meat Boy. This game is just awesome. Every stage design, every level of detail, every charecters are made accurately to match the game. This game doesn’t need any extra more graphics like Crysis2 or Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and so on. I have played all of these, yes they are also cool but they are more realistic and do you know sometimes cartoonic games are also cool like Super Meat Boy or Shank. I think I will never forget about this game in my life. I also wanna make games more cool than those and that’s why I have been trying to learn C++. This game is also made with C++. So what’s your favourite one and what’s the opinion on mine?

My first encounter with Ubuntu!

There are many operating systems in the world and all of ’em have some of their own advantages. I usually use Windows(7) which is my favourite one, but I am sometimes bored with it and that’s why I have installed Ubuntu alongside my Windows. It works great and my computer isn’t running slow though I installed Ubuntu beside Windows. I love open source and that’s why I have installed Ubuntu. I am now an starter in it. So I don’t even know how to use it correctly. Mainly I face problems in installing apps from downloaded source files and I also face problems in many other sectors. So I am trying to find some good tutorials on ’em. If you find any then please let me know so that I am benefited. Thanks for being with me šŸ™‚

Earth Profile – The end of the Earth

There’s many questions now-a-days about when will this beautiful earth will come to an end. And I have got some scientific descriptions and ideas about that from many resources. Now I am writing it my way:
We all know that our Earth will come to an end some day. And that’s not so far. From the recent reports of NASA and other organisation we came to know that our Earth has moved away a little from it’s main axis. We also know the theories of Newton about Gravitation and Gravity that any body in this Universe attract each other and if the main attraction body loses its attraction property than there will be no attraction. And also if anything goes far away their attraction property is lost. So if our Earth keeps moving like this, it will get away from it’s main axis and it may collide with other planets or objects. Again if our Earth go away too far from this sun after getting away from its axis then it’s attractive property will be lost and thats why the hills may float like fur floating on air, the ozone layer will also get free from the attraction of earth and they will be scattered in the sky which will cause to come ultra violet rays.

Now it’s your time to give your mind a run! Please comment what you think šŸ™‚