Let’s learn programming – Repo 1 – part1

Assalamualaikum everyone? Well, let’s get straight to talking things about programming and get a little bit geeky.

In this first post of this tutorial I am going to focus on giving you an insight of how languages are actually run or how they are actually created. Let’s get started!

What is a compiler?

=> A compiler is a program/software/application(whatever suits best to you) which takes some programming instructions as its input and then the compiler itself compiles the instructions given to it, into a primary executable format(or, preferably “object code”) which then a linker(which is another software, most of the time which is integrated into the compiler) takes the object code and then links any other libraries called/required by the instructions to run it and then it gives it to a real executable shape which we really run(and are know to us as apps).

What is an interpreter?

=> An interpreter is a software which works quite similarly like a compiler, but, the main difference between a compiler and an interpreter is that, the interpreter takes some programming instructions as its inputs and then you can directly run the application without have to do any linking or other things at a time. When you run an interpreted program, you are actually running the source code(programming instructions) itself without have to converting it to a machine readable form or machine code. The interpreter goes through the source code line by line(this is where the difference between a compiled program and an interpreted program lies) and does everything on the fly.

Some of the programming languages are:

Binary/Machine code [mother of computer languages]
Assembly [compiled, next to Binary thingy]
C/C++ [compiled, the most widely used and the number 1 programming language of the world, too tough for a beginner, used by all GAME companies and even your own Operating System]
Java[hybrid between compiled and interpreted, runs on almost all of the platforms without any change of code unless native thingys are coded, one of the most popular language, not good for a beginner]
Python[interpreted, very easy to learn, clear syntax, makes sense to a beginner, popular among scientists/researchers/Google]
Javascript[interpreted, not to be confused with “Java”, the de-facto of the Web and powers almost millions of websites(Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahho!, Microsoft, Wikipedia and almost all of ‘em!), good or bad a blend between these two for a beginner]
Well, that was really enough for you to get a little bit of understanding of how software-s are actually constructed or run and you also got a list of some of the most popular programming languages! Have fun and if you liked this post please follow the blog and like: http://facebook.com/OZONr


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