My first work

Wow! I am very impressed to know that I got my first Computer related work! Oh it’s not that much serious but I am feeling very curious about it. I actually got the work from my own school. Recently I have attended at the National science fair held in our school. In that, I made a 3D version of the project(with Blender) I was attending with and showed the audiences with a laptop. They became very impressed to see my artwork. Actually the 3D version I modeled was optimized for the Blender Game Engine(BGE) so that the scene can be interacted in real-time. I used a lot of textures to make the 3D scene even better. Everyone was amazed to see the real-time 3D version of the project(because no one has ever created such and the scene itself was wonderful). Seeing this my school teacher called me today to do a presentation for a Riddle Competition and so I got my first work! I will do a short animation for this and some PowerPoint presentation.


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