Change your Blender theme!

"Black-white 2 Vista" icon theme
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Hello Blender folks. Today I am going to show you how to change the theme of your Blender 2.6x with the pre-loaded themes inside Blender. Many of you may know about this feature already, but some do not. This tip is for them.

Image 1
Fire up Blender 2.62 or later versions.
Image 2
Press “Ctrl + Alt + U” to open up the User Preferences
Image 3
Click on the Themes tab
Image 4
On the upper-left-hand side you will get something called “Presets:” (Marked on the image). Click on it and choose the theme you want. This is the sample of Blender 2.4x theme.
Image 5
This is the Elysiun theme
Image 6
At last click on the “Save as Default” button(marked in the image) and boom you are done

Thanks for reading the boring tutorial!


7 thoughts on “Change your Blender theme!

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  2. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

    Now do you have any idea how I can save my custom theme for someone else to use on their Blender install?


    1. One thing I can really say that, you can download the Blender theme manager to do that. Here’s the link:

      Then copy and paste the file as directed:
      Blender Directory>2.62>scripts>addons

      Then from the User Preferences enable the addon and that’s it. The next time you visit the User Preferences>Themes tab you will get the button to save your theme. Thanks for reading the tutorial.


  3. How can save, share and import my themes?
    In the older versions was a script to save and load themes. I dont want rework for every new release my lighter theme for all the subwindows of blender. Do you have any tips?


  4. seems latest blender has major bug. Ctrl Alt U brings dos window + preference window, but it won’t let me select anything on pref win.


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