One of the best road trip I have ever taken

Journeys are sometimes pleasure to me and it’s sometime very boring. Though I like journeys. There is no end of journeys in human life and one of the journeys among those are always remebered by them. So do I. The best journey I have ever taken was for my Grandmother’s village. It was during spring when the nature had worn herself a beautiful dress. When I started the journey I thought it would be boring because the journey was for 5 hours! But when almost two hours passed I came beside a river. The river was not so lengthy. It took almost 20 seconds to cross. After sometime I thought that I came into the most beautiful part of the nature. The width of the road was not so much. Only two big trucks can pass by at a time. The road was silent, because there were no houses. On the two sides of the road stood large trees. All the leaves were not green as usual. They were reddish in colour. Those made them look more beautiful. There were also innumerable flowers hanging on the barks which will turn into fruits on the next season. As usual we took some photographs of those. We also took ours taking the beautiful trees as the background. The road was so long as if I was going through an endless road. That made me a little boring. For our enjoyment, my friends arranged a small picnic. I supported them. There were chips, chocolates, cakes, mango pickle and some other tasty friuts. Almost one hour passed by celebrating the picnic. We didn’t even notice how we reached the station. Quickly we got down from the micro-bus and took another local micro-bus to head for the destination.
Afterwards the journey was too great and I haven’t wrote all about it here…


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