Behind the projects

As you know I am very fond of animating and I have tried many projects at home. I also made some models from my own creativity. I only modeled one charecter and a plane. The charecter is like an alien and the plane is designed like a bird. I have also done some little other animations too, which you can find on my youtube channel @sazid0001 or go to
For animation or modeling purpose I mainly use three softwares- blender, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Three of these softwares are cool and different in thier own UI. Each one have some advantages and disadvantages to me. Blender is an open source software which is free to download and the other two are very much costly but I don’t buy them at such a cost! Within some days I will be showing you some of my modeled pictures and as usual you will find my anims on youtube. So what’s your story behind your favourite work!


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