A sudden rain

The earth was a bit hard, the weather was also good till then. There were no clouds in the sky at morning…

I was at the examination hall of my school for my exam. I was so concentrated on my exam that I didn’t notice the sudden change of weather. Just for giving a rest to my hands for seconds I looked shook my hand looking outside the window. At first I was astonished that the clear and blue sky became so grayish like dust. Suddenly after sometime a stormy wind started to blow. At that time my exam was almost finished. I got frightened at the sudden blow of such wind. So I and my other friends quickly finished our exam and started to run to our houses. My house is not so far and not so near. There were no buses which would go to my destination. So I quickly made up mind just to run the whole way home. But it was too late. The rain started. I thought that there would be a terrible storm. But nothing like that happened except the wind and the electric strikes of the clouds. After sometime the roads were blank where there used to walk hundreds of peoples. The rain came to such an environment that I was delighted at the nature’s beauty. All the trees were washed by the nature itself as if the they have got a new life. The old dusty trees looked like a tree from paradise. The sky also suddenly became clear. It was blue again. Again the white pellows could be seen floating in the sky. I was the only boy standing on the road alone. The birds came put from their safe houses and started to sing in the beautiful red dressed tree. It was like the nature had weared a beautiful dress itself. I passed half an hour watching these and suddenly came back to home. I didn’t notice how I walked to my home.
Afterall it was one of the most best days of my life to remember.


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