One of the most interesting games I have ever played!

Games are not only games to me, but they are also an important part of my life. I get fun in playing games. There are so many games I have played but I haven’t played any simple but interesting game like Super Meat Boy. This game is just awesome. Every stage design, every level of detail, every charecters are made accurately to match the game. This game doesn’t need any extra more graphics like Crysis2 or Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and so on. I have played all of these, yes they are also cool but they are more realistic and do you know sometimes cartoonic games are also cool like Super Meat Boy or Shank. I think I will never forget about this game in my life. I also wanna make games more cool than those and that’s why I have been trying to learn C++. This game is also made with C++. So what’s your favourite one and what’s the opinion on mine?


2 thoughts on “One of the most interesting games I have ever played!

  1. I havent tried super Meat boy but my favorite games are Heavy Rain (after Indigo Prohesy one of the few I could not stop playing). But I also love Half Life (I want ep 3 NOOOOW) and I still play warcraft but I reallz long for Diablo III to come out.
    Nice blog you got.


    1. You can also download meat boy for free by searching torrent files! I also love that game too… And thanks for the comment đŸ™‚


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