Earth Profile – The end of the Earth

There’s many questions now-a-days about when will this beautiful earth will come to an end. And I have got some scientific descriptions and ideas about that from many resources. Now I am writing it my way:
We all know that our Earth will come to an end some day. And that’s not so far. From the recent reports of NASA and other organisation we came to know that our Earth has moved away a little from it’s main axis. We also know the theories of Newton about Gravitation and Gravity that any body in this Universe attract each other and if the main attraction body loses its attraction property than there will be no attraction. And also if anything goes far away their attraction property is lost. So if our Earth keeps moving like this, it will get away from it’s main axis and it may collide with other planets or objects. Again if our Earth go away too far from this sun after getting away from its axis then it’s attractive property will be lost and thats why the hills may float like fur floating on air, the ozone layer will also get free from the attraction of earth and they will be scattered in the sky which will cause to come ultra violet rays.

Now it’s your time to give your mind a run! Please comment what you think 🙂


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