A terrible night I experienced!

There are so many memories hanging in my mind. They are like TVs infront of me and each one of ’em is just like a channel! But from all of this there is a day which I think I will never forget…
One day it’s 10pm(night) and I was having my meal. But suddenly I heard a screaming voice. I thought this was just made to fool the people. But as time passed by I came to understand that something has happened. I quickly ran into my varenda to see what’s going on down on the ground. I saw many people are crowding around the house of my neghibour. The house was next to ours. Then I realized that a dangerous thing was happening. Just as I saw the people I quickly ran downstairs and got inside the crowd. And then I saw the most dangerous thing just before my eyes! The house next to ours was caught into fire. It was just burning and the windows seemed to be like plastics melting into fire. There were some people stucked inside the building. They were not able to come out because the fire was just at the gate of the building. Suddenly I heard a terrible sound which was being made by the fire. I can not explain how the sound was! After sometime some people got some blankets from their house and throwed it on the fire (because blankets are not more likely to be caught by fire and they can also serve as a fire extinguisher). Though the blankets were thrown, the fire didn’t extinguish. So some other people managed to get a fire extinguisher and extinguished the fire completely. And then the everybody became happy again! And the people inside were safe again… But that night I couldn’t sleep because that fire was just appearing before my eyes!


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